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Welcome to Richard Shucksmith ecological photography

I hope through the use of visual imagery and words to engage entertain and inspire you about the ecology of the world.  Whether the images on these pages do that, is for you to decide. The one thing I do know is I love being out in the field observing and watching the natural world. It gives me a great sense of well being and enjoyment to be able to follow the life, if only for a short time, of some of the creatures found on this planet.

Exploring the pages of this website you will find some of the latest images and stories from the field on the BLOG as well as in the GALLERY and you will also find photo based stories on the STORIES page and in depth articles on the ARTICLE page. I also have great interest in the soundscape and love listening to the sounds of wildlife and you can listen to some of the sound recordings I have made on the SOUNDS page. I hope you enjoy the images, stories and sounds while exploring these pages as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

Focus on Otters - photography, ecology and fieldcraft

A unique photo assignment focussing on one of Europe's most iconic, adorable and charismatic species, the Otter.

Workshops and Photo Tours

Experience the wild wonders of Shetland click on the link to see what's on offer.

Shetland Otter & Puffin Photo-assignment

Exciting new workshop/photo assignment working on otters and puffins. An incredible week photographing these iconic species.

Autumn on Shetland ‐ Nature, Light & Land

A remote archipelago alive with untamed natural beauty with a tantalising array of evocative wildlife, dramatic skies and wild landscapes.